The Committee

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Due to Geoff's recent resignation this post is currently vacant

Until a new Chairman can be elected the post will be covered

by the Treasurer.

Magazine Editor


Steve Woodward - A retired Traffic Officer with Hampshire Constabulary and one of the founder members of PC-UK. Currently the custodian of a Hants Volvo Amazon 121.

Membership Secretary


Adrian Cottle - A retired Magistrates and County Court Officer, Adrian's interest in Police vehicles started when he was taken out on site visits in police cars during court cases. He currently owns two Jaguar Police cars and attends numerous events with them.



Rob Parkhouse - A recognised authority on diecast Police car models, Rob has, himself, a very large collection of Police vehicle models and makes his own superb conversions, he also has a growing photographic library.



Ron Moore - Webmaster. Retired Metropolitan Police Traffic Officer who has an interest in collecting model Police vehicles and making Code 3 replicas.

Events Coordinator


Stuart Exelby - A serving senior officer with the Civil Nuclear Constabulary, Stuart owns two preserved Police Jaguars. He has been instrumental in setting up the PC-UK Equipment Register and is looking forward to helping out as many members as possible at events around the country.

Model Section


Tim Smith - A serving officer with the Highways Agency. Tim is also a keen model collector and has a detailed knowledge of diecast models.