About Police Car UK

Who are PC-UK? An organisation with the Police Officer very much at the heart of its foundations. An organisation with that crucial inside knowledge, bringing you up to date information on the very latest vehicles and equipment direct from the manufacturers and the forces themselves. We have established good links with special vehicle operatives within most of the UK’s leading Police Vehicle providers. PC-UK is aimed exclusively at serving and retired Police Officers and at those with a proven record in the preservation field, whether that is as a car/bike owner, photographer or other archivist (see membership application form for further details).

So what will membership of PC-UK bring to you?

A quality magazine called ‘On Patrol’ is published four times a year bringing you bang up to date with the latest vehicles, equipment and advances in technology. This includes full road tests on the very latest vehicles, comparison tests on vehicles and the equipment carried. There is in-depth reporting on the future of our Police transport with a look at the government’s proposals on vehicle selection, livery and force amalgamations. We look at the new technology involved and have recently looked at incident date recorders, sat-nav systems, the national vehicle framework agreement through PITO and other initiatives. All brought to you from inside the Police Service. We also look at the classic and iconic Police cars and motorcycles from the past with articles from those that drove them together with plenty of archive photographs which are sure to bring a smile to your face. And we have all the latest diecast model news, with inside information from Britain’s leading model manufacturer Corgi.

We have a very enthusiastic group of classic vehicle owners who attend numerous Police open days and other events during the summer season. We also have the occasional track days and skid pan events, which we can assure you are great fun. Full announcements are made in issues of ‘On Patrol’ and are detailed on our website well in advance. At four events during the year the vehicles are independently judged and certificates awarded to the best in show. At the end of the year the membership is asked to vote for their favourite vehicle with the winner being awarded the trophy for
‘Classic Police Vehicle of the Year’. The Classic Police Vehicle of the Year for 2015 was Lee Kingham's Metropolitan Police Regional Crime Squad Rover P6.


As well as having Classic Police Vehicle of the Year Police Car UK also have an annual award trophy for ‘Member of the Year’, which is awarded to the member who is felt to have committed the most to the club throughout the season. The winner of the trophy for 2015 went to Ernie Jupp.


An interactive forum is available at www.policecaruk.com which has a ‘members only’ area to discuss current topics, document restorations, report on events and show off your latest photographs.

PC-UK raises charitable funds on behalf of the Police Federations ‘National Police Memorial Day’ and raised £1300.00 in 2014 bringing the total raised to date to £6500. We will continue to support this very worthwhile cause in the future.


As a member of PC-UK you will be provided with a copy of the organisation’s comprehensive constitution. We aim to be a transparent organisation and will hold bi-annual elections for every post at the AGM held each November.