PCUK Facebook Page

To Facebook or Not To Facebook? That was the question your committee asked you the membership. The results are in. 

The results of whether or not Police Car UK should have a members only, closed group, private Facebook page have now been collated and the final results from those members who have responded are as follows. 

For: 49

Against: 38

Unreturned voting slips: 30 

The committee having now discussed these results have voted to allow the opening of a Facebook page. The views of both those for and against have been taken into consideration when making the decision. 

It is understood that some members have no wish to use or be part of a Facebook page in any way but we can assure you that this page is not a substitute for the website or the forum but an addition to these.  The website is now updated on a regular basis and the new Facebook page will be also, but unlike the website the Facebook page will be private to our members only. 

Therefore, in relation to the use of the Facebook page we have laid down some basic requirements which are: 

This Facebook page is a closed group, a private Facebook page only for paid up members of Police Car UK.  Only current paid-up members may apply to join the group and will only be granted access once that membership has been verified.

Once a membership expires the member whose membership has expired will no longer have access to the page.  

When using the group:  

  • Members are expected to show courtesy and respect other members and their  opinions.      

  • Any members who post individual or collections of photographs taken by them  and chose to share them with the membership are entitled to have their copyright to them respected.

  • Any post that causes concern should be reported to the Admin team as soon as  possible for review. 

We will not allow the following to be posted on the page: 

  • Personal attacks on any individual member.

  • Religion or Politics.

  • Adult images or comments.

  • Profanity, bad language or swearing of any kind.

  • Disruptive of provocative posts.

Facebook   These basic requirements may be reviewed or amended at any time. The basic  requirements will always be posted at the very start of the Facebook page and  notification will be given if and when they change to all of our Facebook page  members.  So how do you join our page? Simply log in to your Facebook account in the usual way. Once in type Police Car UK in to the search box...


You will then be offered a list of groups. Our group is titled POLICE CAR UK - in  capital letters with the subtitle “Closed Group”. Click on this and if you are greeted with this screen you are in the right place… 


From this page you will now click on “Join” and this text will now change to “Pending”. Once done the group Admins, currently Ron Moore, Steve Woodward and Rob Parkhouse will receive notification of your application. Once this is cross referenced with the current membership you will be granted access to our group. 

You may now post away within the group. Whatever you post this will only be seen by other members of the Police Car UK Facebook group who will only be paid up members of our club. 

And that as they say, is