Police Car UK in Jersey 2017


Having attended the fantastic Jersey International Motoring Festival in 2015

the club again decided to put in another appearance this year.

In all a total of 12 cars decided to make the trip to the Channel Island and put on a grand display in the 'Peoples Park' in St.Helier.


Day One

The Crossing


Due to staff shortages at the ferry company a new trainee had been taken onboard to issue the sailing tickets.


Phil Jacob brought along his very nice Hampshire Constabulary Volvo 240PS


Suitably dressed and ready for the crossing Chris Taylor's Metropolitan Police SEG Rover SD1 V8 3500.


Fresh out of the paint shop and looking 'spick and span' Steve Woodwards

Hampshire Constabulary Volvo Amazon Break.


A rare bird indeed on scene a Hampshire Constabulary Isle of Wight based Ford Lotus Cortina MkII.


A welcome addition to the Jersey Display is this Derbyshire Constabulary Ford Granada ARV.


Regular show attendee Ernie Jupp with his Metropolitan Police Jaguar S Type 'Charlie One'


Another regular show supporter is Adrian Cottle with his Wiltshire Constabulary Driving School Jaguar XJ6.


To add to the compliment of Jaguars another Metropolitan Police S Type. 

This one belonging to John Wheatley is an ex Traffic Division car.


Derek Sulley makes up the quorum of Jaguars on this trip with his 1999 S Type demonstrator.


Hertfordshire Constabulary Ford Granada MkII back in action after some winter TLC. 

 Owned by David Malone and my ride for the trip.


Chairman and organiser of this great weekend Geoff Taylor brought his GMP Traffic Range Rover V8 to the show.


Boarding the Condor ferries trimaran in Poole Harbour ready for the crossing to Jersey.


The S Type and the Granny in a tight squeeze on the car deck.

 Onward to Jersey.


Club Dinner at the Jersey Grand




Awaiting the delights of what turned out to be an excellent meal.


The Chairman Geoff Taylor and his lovely wife Gill celebrated their wedding anniversay on the trip.



Photo shoot and visit to Gorey Castle

So friday was a free day before our first event of in the evening. 

Our local contact and PCUK member Chris Ingham had arranged a very special treat.

A photo opportunity on the grass area at the foot of Gorey Castle where cars are not normally allowed.


On route to Gorey Castle with the convoy led by our locally based member.


The club line up in the grounds of Gorey Castle.


The Hampshire trio with the Ford sandwiched between the two Volvo's.


Looking as good as ever the Hampshire Constabulary Volvo 240PS.


Another of the Hampshire Constabulary trio was this immaculate Lotus Ford Cortina MkII.


Lastly the Volvo Amazon Break which has had a lot of work done on it over the winter break. Looking good!


Rare shot of four of the clubs Jags together.


John Wheatley's very nice Metropolitan Police Traffic Jaguar S Type.


Also very neat another Metropolitan Police Jaguar S Type. 

This one being a Central London Area Car.


Nottinghamshire Police marked Jaguar S Type Demonstrator.


Last in line the very stylish Jaguar XJ6 used by Wiltshire Constabulary Driving School.


Fairly new to the club is this Derbyshire Constabulary ARV Ford Granada belonging to Stuart and Tracy Cooke.

Hertfordshire Constabulary Ford Granada MkII has had a mojor engine rebuild over the winter.

Drives beautifully now as I had the pleasure of finding out with a little blatt along the Espanlade Friday night.

This restored Metropolitan Police SEG Rover SD1 3500 V8 has had a lot of work done on it and it shows.

Once the workhorse of the motorways this Range Rover V8 belonged to Greater Manchester Police Traffic Division.

Beautifully restored Portsmouth City Police Riley 2.5ltr RMF.  Looks good in the sunshine.

A few individual photos were taken with this being one that captured the beauty of the location perfectly.

Alter ego restored the Met Jag S Type is fit for the road and off on a tour of the island.

Photo shoot over everyone was free to visit other sights although some, including myself, decided to go view the castle itself.


High Tea on the Terrace

At the end of the day everyone gathered at 5pm on the hotel terrace for afternoon tea.


 With the sun shining and a view across the bay everyone sat down to all manner of sandwiches, fine cakes and pasteries.


Steve Woodward posing with a cake of the RR P38 he used to drive back in the day.

Cake was made by webmaster Ron Moore's daughter-in-law Alison. 

Chocolate and Orange sponge inside. Very nice!


Friday night also saw the club take part in the Classic Car Cavalcade along the Espanlade in St.Helier.

This culminated in all the club cars having a 'Blatt' up and down the Espanlade with 'Blues and Two's'  going trying to catch the course car.

Which just happened to be a Mitsubishi Evo.


Post pursuit gathering on the green by the harbour.


View from the sea wall of the clubs cars with lights all on after the seafront run.


I had the buzz of being the driver of David Malone's Herts Granada for the Espanlade parade.

Haven't had that much fun in years.


Day 3 and 4

On show in the 'People's Park



The club all lined up and read to show.


Another angle on the Club line up.


Geoff Taylor's GMP Traffic Patrol Range Rover Classic V8 parked up next to the club's new event tent.


Two Met S Type Jaguars side by side. Ernie Jupp's Area Car and John Wheatley's Traffic Car


The very sleek Wiltshire Jaguar XJ6 belonging to Adrian Cottle looking a good as ever.


Having a rest after the excertions of the previous night. 

David Malone's Hertfordshire Constabulary Granada MkII 2.8


First time on Jersey for Stuart and Tracey Cooke's Derbyshire Constabulary Ford Granada ARV.


A car with great memories for me as I did my Advanced Car Course in one

Chris Taylor's Met Police Rover SD1 3500 V8.


A Ford classic the Hampshire Constabulary MkII Lotus Cortina owned by Graeme Farrar.


Continuing Hampshire Constabulary's long association with Volvo is this 240PS owned by Phil Jacob.


The elegant lines of the old City of Portsmouth Riley RMF 2.5ltr belonging to Steve Kinch


One of Hampshire Constabulary's first Volvo's the 121 Amazon.  Held in custody by Steve Woodward


One of Jaguar's S Type demonstartors marked up in Nottinghamshire Police colours.

The preferred chariot of Derek Sulley.


Little display of Code 3 models made by yours truely including six made specially for the event of local Police vehicles.


Someone has taken a shine to Ernie's S Type Jaguar

"Now if only I could reach the pedals"