Gunwharf Quays Portsmouth 3rd - 4th October 2015

"Policing through the Ages"

Club Attendees:Chris Taylor, Andy Lawrence, Steve Woodward, Phil Jacob and Sue who brought his second car, Graeme Farrar, Paul Ridley, Anton Prole and Adrian Cottle.  Let me know if I missed anyone.


The Spinnaker Tower at the Gunwharf Quays. Policing through the Ages event unfortunately clashed with the Lancashire Open Day weekend but the turn out by members was as good as ever.  Weather helped with the attendance of a large crowd as did the fact that Gunwharf Quays is a major outlet shopping mall.  Thanks to Phill Jacob for the photos's.


Metropolitan Police SEG Rover SD1 belonging to Chris Taylor having a day out from the 'Smoke'


Nice short trip over from the IoW for Graeme Farrar with his lovely Hampshire and IoW Constabulary Ford Lotus Cortina MkII


Phil Jacob brought two local Hampshire cars back to their old stopping ground for this event this being his BMW E28 528i


The second local Hants car brought by Phil Jacob was this Volvo 240PS


Andy Lawrence had his Metropolitan Police Rover 827 V6 on show in the sunshine


Adrians choice for the day was a day out for his Liverpool City Police Ford Zephyr


Anton Prole had his "Blossom Hill" fueled Metropolitan Police Wolesley 6/80 for all to admire.

Still need pictures of the North Wales Mini owned by Alex Lee and Paul Ridley's WMP P38 if anyone can help. Would be much obliged.

Must mention Paul Ridley because he produced a small miracle by attending two events on two seperate days which were literally 265 miles apart, not including his detour home in Wales.  On Saturday he was at Gunwharf and by Sunday morning he was on stand at the second day of the Lancashire Constabulary Open Day.  Couple of cups of neat coffee and a bacon buttie soon revived him.  Also want to mention Steve Woodward who although car less now came up to Surrey and collected the Alex Lee North Wales Mini van as Alex could'nt make it.  How tall are you Steve?  Well done gents.