Classic Motor Show NEC 13th to 15th November 2015


So after much toing and froing we finally managed to have a much smaller than intended presence at this years Classic Motor Show at the NEC.  What was originally intended to be a stand with 10 cars to celebrate our 10th anniversary ended up with only four cars but what a set of four cars they were.  The original theme of "The Metropolitan Police" was kept and many thanks go to those members that brought their vehicles to the show as well as those members who attended over the three days to man the stand.


The PCUK Members whose cars graced our stand at the NEC CMS this year plus a special visitor from the 'For the Love of Cars' TV program.

From left to right Chris Taylor, Ant Anstead from the TV, Ernie Jupp, Brian Seamons and our events co-ordinator Stuart Exelby.  The photo was taken by Lee Kingham who brought the RCS Rover P6 to show.

The whole show had been moved from its usual halls over to halls 1 to 5 and the Pavilion on the other side of the NEC.  Due to the late allocation of a stand we ended in the Pavilion right in the far corner which at first sight did not bode well for a large footfall of visitors.  Well that certainly proved wrong and I think to the surprise of all of the members in attendance there was a never ending stream of people visiting the stand to see the cars and ask questions.



Line up of the four vehicles on the PC-UK stand at this years Classic Motor Show at the NEC

I took the photo's at the end of the day hence no throngs of visitors to get in the way.


The PC-UK lineup. Oldest first from front to back and I don't mean the two sat at the rear.


Metropolitan Police 1967 S Type Jaguar belonging Brian Seamons


Rear view of Brians highly polished Metropolitan Police 1967 S Type Jaguar


Ernie Jupp's archetypal 1975 Rover P6 3500 call-sign Kilo 7 out of Romford nick.


Sat on the dashboard of the MetPol Rover P6 was this pristine Alcotest kit.  I remember the first time I used one of these I forgot to cut off both ends of the glass tube.  Only when the blokes face turned red blowing into the bag did I realise my error. 


Rear end of Ernies Metropolitan Police Rover P6.  First Police car I ever sat in when I was a Gadget at ZN.  Even sat in the operators seat one night duty as they had run out of PC's


A poignant sign in the back of the MetPol Rover P6 which can apply to a lot of us hopefully


This recently restored 1976 Rover P6 3500 Automatic belongs to a fairly new member Lee Kingham.  It belonged to the Metropolitan Police Regional Crime Squad and saw out it's service as a backup car to the Diplomatic and Royalty Protection Unit.


Another view of this beatifully restored Metropolitan Police RCS Rover P6 3500 automatic


Last but not least Chris Taylors 1985 Metropolitan Police Rover SD1 3500 which started life with the SEG then went to Traffic and ended it's service being driven round and round the skid pan at the Hendon driving school.  Chatted to at least 5 different people on Saturday alone that had driven these in the Police.  I drove these both on my Advanced Car Course and in the course of my service in the Met .


To cap it all off we have the tail end of the 1985 Metropolitan Police Rover SD1 3500.

All in all considering the difficulties this has been a fairly successful show for the club and hopefully by us accepting this late offer of a stand at the NEC it will stand us in good stead come next year.

This is probaly the last entry for shows this year unless anything pops up at the last minute. 

So here's to next years show season.  Let's hope it's agood one.