PC-UK at the Ace Cafe London

Sunday the 6th November 2016

(Photo's supplied by Steve Woodward)

The event, held at the world famous 'Ace Cafe' in London, was predominantly a motorcycle affair but the club had been invited along to show off some of the clubs Metropolitan Police specific preserved vehicles. 
We had two Rover SD1's on display the first being Chris Taylor's SEG one and the second was Ernie Jupp's famous 'Liver Run' car.
Also present was John Dorsett with his Daimler SP250 Dart and Tony Johnson with his SEG BMWK100. 
Steve Woodward, who organised our attendance at the event, was also there to provide hot bevarges
as the weather was a tad cold even though the sun was out and the sky was blue.

Also in the line up was a guest appearance of a Stunning Red ex Metpol Sunbeam Tiger V8 belonging to Mr Paul Grimsdick.
The car was originaly white but was restored in red before the owner became aware of it's past history. 
He also owns a another white Sunbeam Tiger which he want's to restore to proper Met spec.


Line up on show at the Ace Cafe London including this stunning red Metpol Sunbeam Tiger V8.
Restored by the current owner who painted it red not knowing the Police history of this vehicle.


Chris Taylor and Ernie Jupp with their fantastic Metropolitan Police Rover SD1's
This was the first time that these two SEG and 'Liver run' cars had ever been at an event at the same time.


John Dorsett's Metpol Daimler SP250 Dart parked up next to the Sunbeam Tiger V8


Primarily a bikers event but the cars still attracted a lot of interest.  The bikers later went of on an ride into central London.

Looks like a good day was had and I understand that Steve is hoping to arrange a bigger show at the Cafe in August 2017.