Manchester Event City Classic Car Show

Saturday & Sunday 17th - 18th September 2016

Nice little turnout at what turned out to be a good couple of days at this northern venue Classic Car Show.

Only a small stand with three GMP club vehicles on display and a few tables with models and photgraphs but a stand that attracted a lot of attention
over the two day event.



Couple of views of the clubs stand at the Footman James Classic Car show
The three Greater Manchester Police vehicles on show were Geoff Taylor's Range Rover Classic V8,
Steve Conry's unusual TASS Lotus Talbot Sunbeam and lastly Paul Ridley's Range Rover P38. 
We also had some tables set up which held a couple of model displays by Colin Chipperfield and Ron Moore
and a one selling off Maurice Kime's large collection of Police vehicle photogrphs.



Nicely restored, and the first time I have seen this vehicle on show, the GMP Traffic Area Support Services (TASS) Lotus Talbot Sunbeam owned by Steve Conry.


One of PC-UK's show stalwarts the ever present GMP Range Rover Classic V8 belonging to the club Chairman.


We had some guy in a race suit and crash helmet wanting to do a fast lap.  Sure I've seen him somewhere before!


Tail end of Paul Ridley's very smart GMP Range Rover P38.

Having had a wander around the exhibition hall I found a couple of other restored Police vehicles that had at one time been part of PC-UK but no longer.


First up this Durham Constabulary Landcrab.


....... and secondly this nearly finished Liverpool City Police Mini.

GMP had a couple of RPU vehicles patrolling the area due to the increased traffic for the show. 


The officer of the BMW X5 E70 had come to the stand to seek out Maurice so the opportunity was taken to pop out and gets some snaps.


Outside we also found a Landrover Discovery as well.  Sadly the Disco was due to be replaced soon so being able to archive it was a great bonus.

Here's a little taste of some of the non Police Classic Cars that I photographed during a walkabout around the halls.


Loved the Heinkel "Bubblecar" display especially this Teddy Bear picnic one.


Just a cross from us was the MG owners club who had this highly polished MG NA Magnette on display.


Elegant and beautifully restored Riley.


Definitely a classic this stunning AC Cobra


The artwork on this Ford Cortina Mk1 depicting the "Dambusters" raid was something to see!


I love these old VW Camper vans. Just change the awning to club colours and we could use this to chill in during indoor shows.


Finally outside they were running rides for visitors in various classic rally cars including one of my all time favorites the Ford RS200.

Great two day show at a very good location.  Not quite the NEC but something I think we should consider giving more support to as a club in the future.