Fareham Town Centre - 999 Day

Saturday the 15th October 2016

Well attended town centre event with lots to see and do and lovely sunny weather for 95% of the day.

We also had a very good pitch being next to the enterance to the main shopping centre and right in the middle of the line of displays.

Great turnout by club members with a total of six cars and a motorcycle. 

Added to that we had a Gazeboo selling loads of club merchandise. 

We managed to raise £257 on the helmets and stuff and £54 for the NPMD.

Many thanks must go to the ladies Sue, Gill Taylor and Trish Woodward who did a sterling job looking after the stand and selling the merchandise.

Oh! and a small mention for their male helper Phil Jacob who also did a grand job.


Club vehicles lined up and ready to show.

Mind you it would be rude not to start the day off with proper breakfast.



Phil Jacob had three vehicles on the display line including the ever present Hampshire Constabulary BMW 5 Series E28.
Now as skilled as Phil may be driving three vehicles down to Fareham was even beyond him so once again I had the pleasure
of taking it to the show for him.


The second of Phil's three cars was his Portsmouth City Police Morris Van now running in good order.


Another Hampshire Constabulary vehicle on show was the Volvo Amazon brought by Steve Woodward.
Car looked great but Steve tells me it is having a major overhaul over the winter. 
Look forward to seeing the finished article next year.


Visitor down from the Met was this Special Escort Group (SEG) Rover SD1 3500 V8 now with some super uprated shocks.
Chris Taylor has had a lot of work done on this vehicle and it shows.


Stuart Exelby brought his very eye catching and popular Staffordshire Police Jaguar 240 with the 3.4ltr lump in it.


Here is the third of Phil Jacob's cars that were on show the last ever 'Jam Butty' stripped Surrey Police Ford Focus.
Driven down as usual by Sue his lovely co-pilot.


Last but not least was Tony Johnson's Metropolitan Police SEG BMW K75.


A Ford Focus Saloon belonging to Hampshire Constabulary was on display together with a Ford Transit van.
Most forces have prefered the Estate so this is a rare bird!


Bomb Disposal had a nice little stand which included this Nissan Navarra as well as a couple of remote controlled robots.


Now this is a remote control I would loved to have had a play with. 
The Bomb Disposal remote detenation robot is an amazing bit of kit and was being put through it's paces by one of it's operators.


As this is a seaside town it would be wrong not to have H.M.Coastguard in attendance.
They brought along this very nice Mitsubishi L200


Unusal ambulance response vehicle on show.  Sponsored SCAS BMW Mini


From a line up of some preserved newish Fire appliances........


.....to a very old 1937 Bristol Fire Service Leyland Ladder.

A grand day out and another success to add to a great show season.  Thanks to everyone that attended and made it a really enjoyable day out.