Metropolitan Police: Kingston Open Day

Sunday 17th July 2016

Busy weekend what with Chichester on the Saturday and a very sunny Kingston on the Sunday I needed a week off to recover.

The Station yard was open to the public between 10:00 and 16:00 and was jam packed with things to see with PCUK providing two vehicles and a small model display.  The official attendance for the 4 hour opening was in excess of 1400 people.

The day got of to a fantastic start with a sumptious serving up of sausage and bacon sandwiches prepared by Chris Taylor's lovely wife Gill before we headed off to the Open Day.  Thanks! they went down a real treat.


The team for the Kingston Police Station Open Day. 


Tucked up tightly in the corner of the yard we managed to shoehorn in the two cars and the model table with Chris Taylor's
Met Police SEG Rover SD1 in the foreground.


Tucked away by the cycle lock up was Alex Lee's neat little North Wales Mini Van.  Lot of interest show in both club vehicles by the visitors 


Having many years ago driven an Area Car in anger out of this yard it was nice to come back and put on small Met themed model display to help with the Open Day.


The Metropolitan Police Historical Vehicle Collection also had a vehicle on display next to us in the form of it's Morris Minor Panda Car.

Current in-service Metropolitan Police Fleet on Show.


Local VK (Kingston) IRV 6th Generation Vauxhall Astra Estate.


Metropolitan Police Mercedes Sprinter derived TSG Carrier.


Vauxhall Vivaro Station Carrier.


Very impressive IVECO based Mounted Branch Horse Box arriving for the Open Day.


Saddling up for a trot around the town.  Think he spotted me taking his picture.


Asked one of the lads on duty if I could take some pictures of the vehicles parked across the road  from the nick, which he gladly said yes to.  About five minutes later he came across laughing saying the local Council CCTV operator had just put me up as a suspect taking photo's of the vehicles.  There's a first.
Anyway this is the Battenburg'd marked Vauxhall Vivaro Station Carrier.


Kingston based Ford Focus Estate IRV. 


London Ambulance Service was also present giving a CPR demonstration to the visitors as well as bringing along this
Mercedes Benz Sprinter based Paramedic Ambulance.


Well at the end of a very successful and enjoyable day it was time to head on home.

Part of the entertainment was watching this LFB Tender trying to get out of the small station yard but as always the professionalism of any Emergency Services driver shines through and the escape was affected.

Grand day out with some excellent company.  Cheers guys!