Thames Valley Open Day 6th August 2016


PC-UK Display

Welcome to another great TVP Open Day held in glorious sunshine at the TVP Training Centre in Sulhampstead near Reading.


My personal drive for the day courtesy of Phil Jacob who for some explicable reason was brave enough to let me bring her to the show.

Cheers Phil really appreciated the privilige of taking her out for the day


Here we have Stuart's Hampshire XJ6 SIII next to Phil's Hampshire BMW E28 with Anton's Met Wolesley 6/80 in the background.

Another view of a pair of Hampshire Constabulary Classics The Jag XJ6 and the BMW E28.  Rather appropriate at this show as TVP are linked with Hants in many departments nowadays.


Anton's highly polished Metropolitan Police Wolesley 6/80 gleaming in the sun.  Parked right by the enterance it was a great start to the PCUK lineup for the day.


Further up the line under the shade we have an nice little mix of cars starting with Adrian's Jaguar XJ6.  Next up the recently restored Hampshire Volvo Amazon in the custody of Steve Woodward alongside another of Phil's collection the Hants Volvo 240PS.  The last ever Surrey Police 'Jam Sandwich' liveried vehicle in service a Ford Focus is next and last but not least just peering over the bonnet is Tony Johnsons Met SEG BMW K75.


A better view of Tony's Metropolitan Police SEG BMW K75


Adrian's really comfortable Wiltshire Constabulary Driving School Jaguar XJ6.


This Volvo Amazon has only recently been completely restored and although still a Hants vehicle is in the custody of the capable hands of Steve Woodward.
Still some work to be done I understand but it is looking right smart.


Hampshire Constabulary have had a long association with Volvo and used this Volvo 240PS as a Traffic Car.


This newly added Ford Focus to the PCUK collection belongs to Phil Jacob and was the last ever 'Jam Sandwich' liveried vehicle in the Surrey Police Fleet.


First time on show as part of PCUK was this nicely restored TVP Drug Squad Ford Capri 3.0S.  The vehicle was found and restored some years ago by the son of the original officer who drove it.  Both were present at the show and being an old TVP car attracted a lot of attention.


Fair old drive down for him but a nice surprise to see Derek Sulley and his Jaguar S Type Demonstrator.  He also brought club merchandise to sell and a grand job he made of that with a little help from myself.  In total we made £985.20 which was exceptional for a one day show.  In fact we actually ran out of merchandise by the late afternoon much to the disappointment of some of the younger visitors

Thames Valley Police on Show


On display outside the 'Whitehouse' was this, currently on trial, BMW 3 Series F30 ANPR Interceptor.  Looks the part!


A new addition to the TVP fleet is this Ford Ranger for the Rural Policing Team (RPT)


One for the 'Tractor Boys'  Great fun for youn and old.


Always a favourite at Police Open Days are the Mounted Branch who turned up in this Mercedes Benz based horse box.


Three of TVP's rather splendid mounts getting ready to take part in a display in the main arena.


One of several TVP Mitsubishi Outlander Dog Vans on show.  This being the latest 2016 model.


Also on show was this BMW C Evolution electric scooter demonstrator.  Specs say it will do 75mph with a range of over 60 miles and will charge from flat in just four hours.  The shape of thinks to come, just hope they they remember to plug it in when they come in from a tour.


Mercedes Benz Sprinter based Mobile Information Centre


One of many TVP 6th Generation Vauxhall Astra IRV's floating about. 


Vauxhall are all the rage in Thames Valley Police.  This time a Community Policing Vauxhall Corsa E run around.
The markings were part of design competion which was one by a 4 year old called Aiden.  Well done young man.


Just opposite us at the entrance to the open day was this TVP RPU Vauxhall Insignia.


Volvo V70 which is part of the combined TVP-Hants RPU leaving the show at the end of the day.

Other Emergency Services


Royal Berkshire FRS Mercedes Benz based Emergency Equipment Tender.


Mortimer & Burghfield Area NHS Community Responder Ford Kuga

So another successful Open Day came to an end still bathed in glorious sunshine. 

Great turnout by club members with a total of 8 cars and 1 motorcycle on show all of which attracted lots of attention throughout the day

Thanks to all that attended for their time and effort in making it a great day.