Closing of Walsall Police Station WMP

Sunday the 9th October 2016

(Words and Photo's supplied by Geoff Taylor)

Sadly after 50 years the decision was taken to close Walsall Police Station and to mark the event West Midlands Police held an official event to mark the occasion.
PC-UK recieved an invitation. which was duely accepted, to display some vehicles at the event.
Stuart Exelby brought his Staffordshire Constabulary Jaguar 240, Chris Musson turned up with his Morris 1000 and
Team GMP Phil Holt & Geoff Taylor arrived in the GMP Range Rover Classic V8.
BLVPG also attended with a variety of vehicles as seen in the photo's below
WMP supplied a carrier and two Corsa panda's for the kiddies to play in, together with a BMW patrol car and a couple of BMW Bikes.
Police charity COPS were selling their gear in the station foyer. The nick was open for police & support staff from 11am to 1pm, but very few people attended. Members of the public were invited to attend between 1pm and 3pm and hundreds descended on the venue.
At 1pm the Chief Super lowered the WMP flag for the last time, attended by a trumpeter and the local Mayor.
We were very well looked after and had a lot of visitors to the stand.
Over £400 raised for PCUK funds and over £200 for our charity.
Bright sunshine brought out the crowds and another good event was had by PCUK.


PC-UK Line up at the closure of Walsall Police Station.
Left to right Stuart's Staffs Jag, Geoff's GMP Range Rover V8 and Chriss Musson's Morris Minor Panda.


Reverse view of the clubs display with Chris Musson's Morris Minor Panda to the fore.


There were other preserved vehicles on the line including these from the BLVPG


One of several current West Midlands Police vehicle on show at the closing was this BMW 3Series F30


WMP had a couple Vauxhall Corsa's and an IVECO Carrier parked up for the kids to climb all over.


Not to be left out the RPU had a couple of BMW RT1200R's stratigically placed near the ice cream van.

Always a sad event to see a Police Station close but unlike most that have closed at least WMP gave Walsall a decent send off!

Well done to those that attended.