Sussex Police


Chichester Police Open Day 2017

Saturday the 15th July 2017


One of the best Police Open days on the calendar with the added bonus of being by the seaside.

From what I understand this is the last one on this present site as Sussex Police have sold the land for development.

It was a great to be there at this event if indeed this was to be it's last. 

The club as usual put on a good show but we did have a star interloper amongst us but it certainly attracted attention to the display.



PCUK Line up at this years Chichester Police Open Day.



As Sussex and Surrey are now bed partners Phil Jacob's got me to drive his Surrey Police Ford Focus to the Open Day.

This particular car was the last vehicle in the Surrey Fleet to have the old stripes before being decommisioned.



Tim Smith brought his unmarked Avon & Somerset Ford Granada Scorpio with him.

The car was used by the forces Chief Constable and the vehicle is kitted out as original.



This is Phil Jacob's second car in the line up along side his Surrey Focus. 

It is a City of Portsmouth Morris Minor Van which was used as a dog van.



Alex Lee restored this North Wales Police BMC Mini Van from scratch. 

It is a regular on the mini club scene and a regular participant in the London to Brighton Mini Run.



Having had a complete re paint over the winter this Hampshire Constabulary Volvo Amazon Break is back on the show circuit.

Steve Woodward is the custodian of this vehicle and has had a lot to do with it's restoration.



Local Sussex Police Rover SD1 owned by Andy Lawrence on scene and dealing.



The neat lines of this Jaguar XJ6 are well suited to what a good Police Car should look like and is owned by Adrian Cottle.

Unfortunately this was one of the rare ones to be used by Police and only as a Driving School car by Wiltshire Constabulary.


New car to the club is this unusually coloured, for a police car, Vauxhall Omega Saloon.

It belonged to the Metropolitan Police Diplomatic Patrol Group and is now in possesion of Glenn Harvey.


Special guest in the club line up.



Rolls Royce brought along this £300,000 Ghost which had been marked up in Sussex colours.

It had initially been done for the the Goodwood Festival of Speed as a Course Car.

It certainly attracted the crowds which in turn benifited our display as it was parked right in the middle of it.


I just could not resist having a pew in one of the most comfortable cars I have ever seen in Police colours.

Garage Sergeant will have to wait his turn.


Local Units on scene at the Open Day



New style force crests now being used by Surrey and Sussex



New Sussex/Surrey Police BMW X5 F15 ARV sporting the new crests.



Skinned up in the bright 'Pride' colours ready for the annual Parade

was this 17 plate Sussex Police Ford Mondeo IRV.



Also on scene this Sussex Police Ford Modeo Dog Unit. 

Always a crowd puller with the public but more to do what's carried by it more so than the actual vehicle.



Sussex Police Ford Ranger used by local Rural Policing Team


Sussex Police Mercedes Benz PSU Sprinter Van. 

Great display by them including letting the public use the old red doorkey.


Hidden out back of the show a small line up of Sussex Police IRV's. 

Three Ford Mondeo Estates and a Ford Focus Estate.



Popped into town quickly and saw this parked outside 'Chi' nick.

A check with the counter staff to see if it was okay and voila!

Sussex Police Duty Inspectors runabout a Ford S-Max. 


That was that for another year and here's hoping that a new venue can be found for this great family open day next year.