Traffic Officers At Work On The Motorway

Working Gallery

Below is a snap shot of images that illustrate the work of Roads Policing Officers on the Motorway Network. The images that see here, range in date from 1959 when the first motorway officially opened to the present day.

Durham Police Jaguar XJ6 series 1 on a shout on the A1(M)

XJ6 Ser 111 PS M23
Sussex Constabulary Jaguar XJ6 sat on the observation stand M23.

Hampshire Constabulary BMW X5 on a shout on the M27.

MWW1 001
Overturned vehicles on the A3M, circa 1993.

MWW2 001
Hampshire Police BMW 525i at incident on approach to junction 11 on the M27, circa 1992.

MWW3 001
Serious RTA M27 late 1970s.

MWW4 001

MWW5 001

MWW6 001
Plane crash on the M27 at Southampton airport in 1993 thankfully only resulted in minor injuries to the car drivers involved.

MWW7 001

MWW8 001
Major RTA between junctions 8 and 9 on the M27 in 1990 involved petrol tanker and several other vehicles.

MWW9 001

MWW10 001
Overturned car transporter with brand new Mercedes cars on board caused chaos for 9 hours at junction 12 of the M27 in 2001.

MWW11 001
This army trailer was loaded with live ammunition when it became detached from the Landrover towing it on the A3M and is seen in a precarious position above the A27, circa 1999.

Leicestershire Police deal with an everyday type RTA on the M1 in 2005.

Nottinghamshire Police escort a Mallard class locomotive on the M1, circa 1990.

Nottinghamshire Police Range Rover on the hard shoulder of a near deserted M1 circa 1972.

Nottinghamshire Police deal with an incident in the fog on the M1 circa 1989.

A jack knifed artic poses a problem for Essex Police on the M11, circa 1987.

A Thames Valley Police Vauxhall Senator keeps watch above the M4 in 1995.

Cumbria Traffic Police meet for a chat above the M6.

The crew from this Cambridgeshire Police Range Rover have just finished dealing with an RTA on the A1M in 2006.

Bedfordshire Police Vauxhall Vectra waits for its next call at Toddington Services on the M1.

West Yorkshire Police Range Rover observes the traffic from a motorway overbridge, 2006.

West Yorkshire Police BMW 528i sits high above the M62.


The Kegworth air disaster 1987. More than 30 people died when a jet approaching the East Midlands airport crashed onto the M1.


Metropolitan Police deal with an RTA on their section of the M1 in the early 1980s.

Overturned Artic, M62 Westbound at Eccles. Shown is a 3ltr V6 Ford Transit and two door Range Rover, in 1985.

Motorway Incidents
Casualty removal at RTA, M62 (Now M60) W/B at Swinton, Greater Manchester.

Motorway Incidents0001.JPG
Road Traffic Collison, M62 (now M60) Eastbound at Eccles.

Motorway Incidents0002
Road Traffic Collision, M62 (now M60) Eastbound at Eccles.

Motorway Incidents0003
Chemical Incident, M62 Westbound access, Junction 17 at Whitefield.

Motorway Incidents0004
Vehicle fire M61 Northbound at Bolton.

Motorway Incidents0005
Fatal Road Traffic Collision M602 Westbound at Salford.

Fog RTA M6 Wigan.JPG
V8 Sherpa van and Range Rover attending HGV crossover in fog, M6 at Wigan in 1995.







Road Traffic Collison on the motorway running through Northamptonshire.