1:18 Scale GMP Code 3 Project

I know people have seen my completed code 3 models but I thought some of you would be interested to see how I make one.  I normally work in 1:43 scale but for this project I have decided to go big.  I have obtained a 1:18 scale Autoart Range Rover P38 on eBay and will endeavour to convert it into a GMP Traffic Car with hopefully working lights. 

This will be a pictorial diary of the work I do and will be updated as the model progresses.


The original model comes in green with a sunroof and a tan interior so a fair bit to do to begin with.


 First off the whole model needs to be taken apart so that the body work can stripped down and be repainted.

Here's a view of the parts that make up a model of this scale.  Not actually as many parts as you might think.


So this is the actual vehicle I am going to model.  It belongs to a club member and this photo was taken last year in Jersey


I had originally intended to do this in 1:43 scale and had already drawn the decal markings in preparation.  I use a computer program called Coreldraw X7 to do my drawings and it was just a small matter of upscaling the original drawings to get this set ready for the finished model. 

Busy rubbing down all the body panels in preparation for "Nitromorsing" so watch this space for further updates.